The professional M.Sc. in machine learning is a program offered at the University of Montreal and managed by the Mila. The program focuses on applied work in machine learning with a goal of producing experts that will be hired in local industry. It assumes a good background in programming and mathematics. Students take 6 graduate level classes and do a 6-month internship in industry. Admissions are only in September and students do their internship in the following May if they have successfully completed 4 required courses by then.

Mila facilitates the internship search process by providing guidance and linkage with industrial partners. During their internship, students are supervised by researchers and members from the Mila Technology Transfer team.

The goal of this program is to offer internship opportunities in Montreal where the knowledge of French is a strong asset. Some internship opportunities might require the applicant to speak in French. You can also view the Internship procedure and Internship documents.

The description of the program is available here, including the background knowledge assumed by the program. Detailed guidelines for applying to this program are available on this page on the DIRO website.

Admission Process for Professional M.Sc. in the University of Montreal

Detailed guidelines for applying to this program are available on this page on the DIRO websitePlease read those guidelines carefully.

The first step of the application process is to complete the online Mila application form. We will send a message acknowledging that we have received the application and a professor will examine your application. If you are accepted at Mila, you will then need to complete an application to University of Montreal’s Masters in Computer Science (internship option – program 217-510 segment 77). Note that there will be very little time between the date you are informed of acceptance to the Mila program and the University of Montreal deadline. You should prepare your application for University of Montreal at the same time as you prepare the one for Mila. If you were accepted, you should start the student permit / visa process as soon as possible (unless you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident).

If you still have questions, you can reach Linda Peinthière at: 1 514 343-6111 ext. 7472.

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