Admission Process for Interns

  1. Complete the online Mila application form , naming up to 3 Mila professors.
  2. We will send a message acknowledging that we have received the application.
  3. Mila professors will have  access  to  it.  You  should send them e-mail to encourage them to examine your application (we receive numerous applications so please be patient).
  4. If your application is selected at this stage you will then be invited to an oral interview with one or two Mila professors via Skype or Google-Hangout.
  5. We will inform you of our decision soon after the interview.
  6. Internship is considered as paid work, so unless you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada, after being accepted through the Mila admission process, start the visa process as soon as possible (as it takes time to complete).

If you still have questions, you can reach Linda Peinthière at: 1 514 838-6452 #105